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Dipping My Toes Into Anarcho-Capitalism (the water feels nice)

As a staunch libertarian, it’s pretty rare for me to come across someone who is more libertarian than I. By “more libertarian”, I mean that they believe in even less government than I do. Perhaps that’s why I was oddly … Continue reading

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“Price Gouging” During a Disaster is Good

Natural disasters are terrible any way you slice it. Hurricane Sandy was a particularly devastating storm for people in the Northeast. My heart goes out to those people affected by the storm, especially those who have lost loved ones. Having … Continue reading

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Unleashing An Education Renaissance

My design studio recently sponsored an inspiring event produced by Raaya Design called Protothon: Designing Hands-on Learning Experiences. Roughly twenty participants including educators, designers, parents, and even some elementary school students broke into teams of 4-5 to brainstorm on a … Continue reading

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Reflections on Veteran’s Day!

Life these days is a constant flurry of activity, information and noise. Even our down time is spent absorbing television rays, texting, dodging traffic, or planning our next activity. That’s why it’s important to take a deep breath every once … Continue reading

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Liberty Newswire – 10/13/2011

[The Liberty Insight Newswire is an aggregation of what we consider to be important financial and political news and commentary from across the web.] This week’s newswire examines the Occupy Wall Street movement. What the heck is it? Do they … Continue reading

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What Does a Libertarian City Look Like?

Most people just assume that certain public functions such as building roads, managing parks and collecting trash need to be handled by the government.  Libertarians believe that private companies competing for business are more efficient and cost effective than government … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

We all know the story of the first thanksgiving. The Pilgrims were dying off because they couldn’t grow enough food. Then the Indians came and taught them some tricks of the trade to help their crops. (The Indians might be … Continue reading

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Last Weekend I Went to a Barn Raising.

Actually, it was a baby shower. It was a barn raising and a baby shower. Maybe I should clarify. Some friends of mine are building a small guesthouse/office in their backyard. They’re also building a family, with a three year … Continue reading

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