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Incredible New Documentary- Breaking the Taboo

It’s nearly indisputable that narcotic drug abuse causes serious problems, not only for the abuser, but for their family and friends as well. Drugs such as cocaine, heroine, meth, and others can be addictive and extremely dangerous. So how should … Continue reading

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Reflections on Veteran’s Day!

Life these days is a constant flurry of activity, information and noise. Even our down time is spent absorbing television rays, texting, dodging traffic, or planning our next activity. That’s why it’s important to take a deep breath every once … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Stimulus Plan

On Thursday, President Obama unveiled his latest $450 Billion stimulus program to create jobs. Incidentally, he never used the word “stimulus” in his speech, presumably since his last $800B round of stimulus did nothing to budge unemployment. Instead, he called … Continue reading

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What if OPEC Nations Demanded Gold for Oil?

Why did we invade Libya? The official reason is that Gaddafi was murdering his own people so we had to stop him. Perhaps, but so are dictators in a number of other countries. Many skeptics of the official story believe … Continue reading

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Chart of the Week – Military Spending

This week President Obama released his budget for 2012. Republicans scoffed, and rightly so, at the paltry $1 trillion he proposed to cut from the deficit (not the budget) over the next ten years. In fact, his budget adds over … Continue reading

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You Help Hospitalized Veterans

I got another letter from Help Hospitalized Veterans today, and I threw it straight in the trash. Actually, first I took out the crisp one dollar bill that was visible through the cellophane and stuck it in my wallet. Then … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Care

On November 30th, the Pentagon delivered its report on the implications of a repeal of the military policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). The report conducted a thorough survey of military personnel to gauge the sentiment of active duty … Continue reading

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