Incredible New Documentary- Breaking the Taboo

It’s nearly indisputable that narcotic drug abuse causes serious problems, not only for the abuser, but for their family and friends as well. Drugs such as cocaine, heroine, meth, and others can be addictive and extremely dangerous. So how should we deal with this deadly problem?

Intuition tells us that since drugs can be extremely harmful, they should be illegal. We should discourage people from using them in the first place by making their use illegal, and we should have harsh penalties for anyone who tries to produce or distribute these dangerous drugs. It’s common sense…

And it’s completely wrong. The “war on drugs” has been a complete and utter failure based on every objective measure. Since the war on drugs was first declared, drug use, drug abuse, and especially drug related crime has surged. America now has the highest incarceration rate on the planet. After 50 years of data, it is clear that the war on drugs has achieved the exact opposite of what it intended.

Don’t believe me? That’s understandable. It’s hard to overcome 40 years of government propaganda through our school system and media in a single blog post. Perhaps, this Incredible one hour documentary, Breaking the Taboo, can help convince you that there’s a better way to deal with narcotic drugs. Even a former drug warrior like Bill Clinton has changed his mind after seeing how his own policies didn’t work (and now that he doesn’t have lobbyists whispering in his ear). From the documentary website: “We must seriously consider shifting resources away from criminalising tens of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and move towards an approach based on health, harm-reduction, cost-effectiveness and respect for human rights.”

There is a huge vested interest in keeping the drug war in place. Police and Federal agencies get massive windfalls from confiscation of property suspected of being involved in a drug crime. Private prisons profit from outsourcing their slave labor. There have even been allegations that the CIA is actively involved in the drug trade. Politicians can exploit the issue to get elected and grow their power.

The only way we will see an end to this destructive war is if a large majority of the voting public learns the truth and demands a change. The truth is this — drug abuse is a health problem and criminalizing the activity of drug use creates a deadly criminal infrastructure and destroys people’s lives.

Please watch the trailer below and then visit the breaking the taboo website to watch the whole film and sign the petition. And if you like it, please pass this along.

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5 Responses to Incredible New Documentary- Breaking the Taboo

  1. Norman K Imes MD says:

    Great article and an important subject. This problem is another that has its roots in government interference in the healthcare profession. Beginning in the late 1980’s, JCAHO (the accrediting agency for hospitals/quasi govt commission ) decided that no one should have pain. It became a mandate that everyone in the hospital be queried about their level of pain and that sufficient pain meds be given to relieve that pain. The patients are asked multiple times per day if they have pain and subsequently medicated. It is now considered another vital sign. The consequences were predictable. We now have millions of “legal” narcotic addicts, but the doctors are vilified for giving the patients pain meds that were mandated by the govt. A followup article about the origin of the legal narcotic business would be of interest to your readers.

    • Thanks Norman. It sounds like an interesting topic; another way government interference mucks things up. Unfortunately, I’m not very informed on the history or effects of “legal” narcotics issuance. Can you recommend some articles, websites or books that I, and my readers, may find helpful?

  2. DAS says:

    Well said, Mike. And a very compelling documentary. If after seeing it you agree that their needs to be a change; be sure to sign the Avaaz Petition on the “Breaking the Taboo” homepage.

  3. Doug Bond says:

    An amazing documentary which I will forward to 100 people….its what really needs to happen…the parallels to prohibition are quite remarkable….

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