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Chart of the Week: Federal Spending and the Sequester

This incredible chart speaks volumes about the circus act that we call our government. The spikes towards the left are for WWI and WWII. ┬áThe chart really speaks for itself, but I can’t resist the urge to highlight a few … Continue reading

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Chart of the Week – Education Spending

The chart below, from the Cato Institute, shows how massive increases in federal spending on education have done nothing to improve education results since 1970. Should we be surprised? When people discuss our public school system, the discussion usually hinges … Continue reading

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Chart(s) of the Week – Incarceration Rates

Land of the Free? America was founded on freedom, liberty and justice. So why is it that we lock up more of our citizens per capita than any other county in the world? Are Americans just inherently criminals? Australia was … Continue reading

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Chart of the Week – Military Spending

This week President Obama released his budget for 2012. Republicans scoffed, and rightly so, at the paltry $1 trillion he proposed to cut from the deficit (not the budget) over the next ten years. In fact, his budget adds over … Continue reading

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