What Does a Libertarian City Look Like?

Most people just assume that certain public functions such as building roads, managing parks and collecting trash need to be handled by the government.  Libertarians believe that private companies competing for business are more efficient and cost effective than government can ever be. The excellent short video below, produced by Reason.tv, shows what can happen when a city eschews public bureaucracies, public unions and defined benefit plans, in favor of lean government and private, free-market solutions.

I’d be curious to find out more about how they run their school system. If they have a voucher system with competing schools I’m all in.

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2 Responses to What Does a Libertarian City Look Like?

  1. Doolsey says:

    They don’t have a school system. Their schools are part of the Fulton County schools.

    • Hmmm. Well having a very small town and letting the county carry the burden definitely simplifies things. Have a cabin in the woods and you can be truly libertarian, have a small town and it’s more difficult but doable. The larger and denser the population, the harder it gets.

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