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An Investment for the Average Joe that Yields 16%, After Tax, Guaranteed, with Zero Risk!!!

Upon reading that title, your first instinct should be to run away as fast as possible. All investments have risk and nothing is guaranteed, especially a return that crushes the stock market. But please bear with me as I do … Continue reading

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State of the Economy- Spring 2011

[Authors note: This paper is not intended only for those who invest in the stock market or are interested in economics. It is intended for anyone who works for a paycheck, supports a family, or just cares about their future … Continue reading

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Government Numbers

Do you ever get the feeling that something doesn’t quite add up with the economy? Does it seem odd that the recession officially ended in June of 2009 yet the Fed interest rate is still at 0-.25%. When Ben Bernanke … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Reasons Silver Will Soar.

Since I like countdowns and top ten lists and silver, I figured for this week’s post I’d count down the top ten reasons why silver will soar in the coming years. Drumroll please…

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State of the Economy 2010 Revisited

[This post is a reprint of a paper I wrote in October of 2010 for my friends. It’s a bit long for blog format. For a pdf of the original format of this paper click here.] October 26,2010 Introduction This paper … Continue reading

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The Precarious State of the US Economy and How to Protect Yourself from a Collapse of the US Dollar

[This post is a reprint of a paper I wrote in April of 2010 to alert my friends to the major headwinds still facing our economy and to suggest ways to protect themselves from the posibility of a stagnant economy and a depreciating dollar. It’s a … Continue reading

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